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Physical Education

In Physical Education, students will learn how to actively engage in lifelong physical activity. This is true not only as a participant, but also as a leader, coach, or official. Throughout our diverse curriculum, students will be inspired to live a healthy active lifestyle, learn how to be healthy, and most importantly, understand what it means to be healthy. 

The curriculum has been designed to assist students in developing a holistic approach to Physical Education, one that encourages the development of their physical skills, literacy skills, leadership, mindset development, and theory knowledge and understanding. 

Students will have the opportunity to improve their physical health, fitness, and well-being throughout their learning journey. Students will develop independence by solving physical challenges, evaluating, and modifying techniques, and consolidating skills through practise and repetition. We will also instil a sense of sportsmanship and encourage students to recognise the contributions of others. The self-esteem of students will be strengthened and developed by improving physical confidence and helping them to cope with both success and failure in competitive and cooperative activities. 


A successful KS3 student will participate in a range of sports (during and outside of PE), take on leadership roles in sport, and be able to lead a group. They will be able to make tactical decisions, analyse performances of self and others, reflect and act on feedback, and set realistic goals. They will understand what it means to be physically, emotionally & mentally healthy, and lead a healthy and active lifestyle. They will be able to analyse how muscles and bones work together to help us move in PE using knowledge of anatomy and evaluate how exercise helps us improve fitness in a variety of sports using the key methods of training. They will also have a deep understanding of how we fuel our bodies for exercise using the key components of a healthy and balanced diet.  


In addition to this, by the end of Key Stage 4, students will have developed the knowledge, skills, and cultural capital they require to succeed in life. We will cultivate students who are proud of their accomplishments, school, and community. We will add value to our students' lives and the outcomes they achieve. Our students will have the skills and motivation to continue participating in physical activity outside of school and will understand the value of living a healthy and active lifestyle.