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Creative Media

Creative Media equips our students with skills and opportunities to develop and ignite their passion for how media is created, shared and interpreted in a variety of contexts. Students develop an understanding of the wider use of media in the real world, as well as the immense career opportunities and continuous growth in the industry. 

The course enables students to develop and understand business approaches and create products that enable them to engage with a range of skills and industry processes, such as advertising, planning, costs, time management and pitching their idea professionally to an audience.  


By the end of Key Stage 4, students will learn how to manage themselves professionally in a team using key skills built over the course. More specifically, they discover, build and evaluate a range of skills that enable them to engage with similar processes to those experienced in Creative Media industries. These include pre-production (script writing and storyboarding), production (filming, lighting, teamwork), post-production (editing), marketing (audience profiling, demographics, and psychographics), researching target audiences (research skills methods, primary and secondary audiences), magazine design (Adobe Photoshop) and the use of industry software (Adobe Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge and iMovie). 

In addition, they will have developed confidence in communication and linguistic skills alongside a clear vision of what they would to do in the next step of their life following secondary school.