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Careers and Post-16

Passmores Academy strives to ensure that all of our students are prepared to make confident, informed and successful decisions at each stage in their school life about their future plans.

A comprehensive careers education programme is in place to support our students from Years 7 through to 11 in helping them to identify their strengths and skills so that they can navigate their way through the diverse range of qualifications on offer, both academic and vocational.  Careers lessons are delivered within our I-Future lessons.

During KS3 students will be supported in looking at their option choices with access to our qualified careers' adviser for one to one guidance.

In KS4 students will learn how to produce CVs and letters of application.  They will attend a mock interview day where they will be interviewed by a local employer.

Moving into their final year all students will have access to a one to one guidance interview with our careers' adviser which parents or carers are welcome to attend. Each year the Careers Team organise a post 16 careers information evening for Yr.s 10 and 11 where all local educational establishments, training providers and some employers will be on hand to discuss post 16 opportunities.

Students will have access to college taster days, outside speakers, apprenticeship workshops and will of course receive impartial advice and guidance from our Careers Adviser.

Local colleges, training providers, employers all play an integral role in the programme, giving our students the opportunity to benefit from a range of experiences in and out of school.

Some of the highlights include:

Year 7 and 8 

I Future lessons, planning for KS4 options. 

Year 9

College Taster Day

Year 10 

A Mock Interview Day ran with the support of local employers. Business mentoring. Post 16 information evening

Year 11

One to One Guidance with a Careers adviser, post 16 assemblies.  Business mentoring. Post 16 information evening. 

There is a fully equipped and resourced Careers area in the Learning Resources Centre, where pupils can gain access to detailed information about the wide range of careers available. They can also obtain information through our career software package JED (please see the link careers software resources for more information)

All students have access to our qualified careers advisor Julie Kay at any stage of their education. Please contact via email if you would like to arrange an appointment or have any questions.


Please see the Careers Education and guidance policy for further information on careers' entitlement.

Careerometer – LMI For All

Careerometer is a freely available widget provided by the LMI for All service.It is an easy way to get access to labour market information on your own website. Careerometer is the new, updated version of our Careerometer (version 1) widget developed early on in the project

Skillsometer – LMI For All

Skillsometer is a freely available widget provided by the LMI for All service. Skillsometer has been designed for those who are not sure what jobs they may be interested in. Thinking about skills, interests and the ways these can link to jobs can be a helpful first step in identifying possible future jobs.