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Improving upon our best

Art and Design

Passmores Academy Art department believes in the value of art for every student and that being creative should be fun and enjoyable; it helps to develop the imagination and skills that are transferable for the next generation of artists.   

We aim to encourage our students to be independent thinkers and learners by offering them a carefully planned and structured curriculum rich in challenge, allowing for creative freedom.  We will strive to extend their creative thinking by introducing them to a variety of materials and processes. By develop thinking skills through the analysis and evaluation of artists, designers, craftspeople and movements in art history, we aim to expand and broaden their own opinions. We motivate, inspire and challenge students of all levels and develop student’s visual and communicative skills, enabling them to express themselves through a visual language. We nurture students to become well rounded, independent and imaginative individuals.    

What success looks like at KS3 

Year 7 provides a foundation year for pupils working in a specialist area, increasing their confidence and skills within a range of processes and techniques and establish good practices and building a visual vocabulary.  The students create a variety of responses which lead into paint, oil, pastel, collage and other media.  As well as this, students learn about the concepts and meaning behind the work of other artists and designers, with each project being inspired by traditional or contemporary practitioners as well as developing skills in peer and self-assessment to increase literacy skills.  

In Year 8, students continue to develop the skills and techniques already covered and extend their ideas into a more independent form of expression. In practical work, this will include drawing, painting, collage and photography.  Students continue to consider the cultural and contextual aspects of the subject and apply this knowledge more fully in their own work.  Peer and self-assessment are key factors throughout to help students understand their goals more fully and to increase confidence. 

All pupils in Year 9 will develop a wider range of skills, through experiencing the use of a variety of materials and techniques. Our skills-based workshops cover a variety of practices, from observational drawing, painting, print making and mixed media work.  Primary observation is developed, and students explore the elements of line, tone, colour, pattern, texture and form.  These skills are further embedded by the study of the work of great artists, craft makers and designers and a deeper understanding for the historical and cultural development of their own work. 


What success looks like at KS4 

Students will opt to study GCSE Art at KS4 and follow the AQA Fine Art specification.  By the end of KS4, we aim to ensure that all students:  


  • Will be able to develop ideas through investigations and be able to develop ideas whilst using subject specific language to express opinions  

  • Will be able to refine work by exploring ideas, selecting and experimenting with appropriate media, materials, techniques and processes and showcase their skills in greater depth 

  • Will be able to record ideas through photography and become proficient in drawing and photography as a basis of exploring their own ideas    

  • Will be able to present a personal and creative final outcome that demonstrates their own ideas and response to an art brief 


Students are guided through this section of the course, and this is supported by a student handbook for individuals to refer to during the two years.