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Passmores Academy

Passmores Academy

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REAL Projects/Project Learning

Learning through REAL Projects fuses rigorous subject content with real world problem solving. This enables students to create extraordinary work that has a real, authentic purpose. It starts with an essential question and students learn through a combination of teacher-led masterclasses and independent study time in workshops. This enables them to produce high quality end-products through multiple drafts and peer critique. All work is celebrated with a public exhibition in the local community. 




By the end of Year 7, a successful REAL Projects student will:​ 

  • communicate effectively in spoken and written forms​ 

  • collaborate well with in a variety of contexts​ 

  • apply critical thinking to solving problems and think outside the box​ 

  • show creativity in their approach to tasks and presentation of work​ 

  • understand the value of peer critique​ 

  • regularly produce multiple draughts of work to ensure they meet the highest possible standards​ 

  • display a resilient growth mindset in their approach to tasks and outcomes​ 

  • understand the importance of coaching to produce aspirational goals for school, future employment and general life skills​