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Key Stage 4 Options

We know how important this next phase of education is for our young people and that they all want to do the best they can. In this ever-changing world, we want to make sure that students know exactly what subjects are available to study, what they involve and where they can lead students in the future.  By the end of KS4 our aim is for students to get the results that they need and deserve, as well as being well-rounded, employable young people.

To make sure that students are as well-prepared as possible for the challenges of KS4, students will begin their option courses in January of year 9. During the first term of year 9, students can then experience a variety of subjects, some that they have studied before and some new ones. By giving students the chance to try a variety of subjects beforehand we believe that this will help them to make more informed choices. Alongside the taster sessions students will study an enhanced careers programme to support them in their decision-making. 

So, what does KS4 look like?

September to December of Year 9

Students will continue to study the following subjects for one hour a week — computer science, geography, history, French or Spanish, along with their core offering of English, maths, science, PE and i-Future.

Students will then choose eight subjects to study as a taster session. Students must complete a taster session to choose a subject as an option in KS4. 


January of Year 9

Students will make their final decisions for their options in December so that they are ready to start their new programme of study in January.  They will choose to study three or four options depending on their pathway.   

The subjects that students can choose to study as an option are as follows:


Art & Design - Fine Art

Art & Design - Photography

Child Development


Computer Science

Creative Media Production

Design and Technology


Fashion and Textiles

Food Preparation and Nutrition



MFL - French & Spanish




Triple Separate Sciences - Biology, Chemistry and Physics


All the information regarding the process and subjects can be found in our Option Booklets here.