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Passmores Academy

Passmores Academy

Improving upon our best


History at Passmores

Year 7 –students have 1 hour of teaching per week and study the following:

Medieval life (town and village)

The Norman Conquest

The Black Death and the peasants’ revolt

The English Civil War

Empire and slavery


Year 8 – students have 3 hours of teaching per fortnight and study the following:

Victorian London and Jack the Ripper

The causes and nature of WW1 (including the peace treaties)

The USA in the 1920s

Causes of WW2

Key turning points of WW2

Hitler and the Holocaust


Year 9 – the students have 5 hours per fortnight and begin the study of their GCSE option. We student Edexcel GCSE 9-1. In year 9 the students study the following:

Who killed JFK or the Suffragettes in the first half-term.

The Anglo-Saxons and Normans c1060 to c1087 (paper 2)

Crime and Punishment across time c1000 to the present (paper 1)


Year 10 – as with year 9. Students study:

Crime and Punishment across time c1000 to the present (paper 1)

Whitechapel Policing c1870 to c1900 (paper 1 case study)

The American West c1835 to c1895 (paper 2)


Year 11 – Students study:

The American West (paper 2)

Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918 to 1939 (paper 3)