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Passmores Academy

Passmores Academy

Improving upon our best


GCSE Graphics

Year 9 – Workshop based tasks

Autumn Term

  • Going back to basics
  • Intro. to typography
  • Logos and branding
  • Visit to the Design Museum

Spring Term

  • Exhibition poster project
  • Intro to Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Experimenting with mixed media
  • Artist research (cultural understanding)

Summer Term

  • Food magazine project
  • Wrapping paper - surface decoration

Year 10 – 60% coursework

Over the course of the year, students will complete a major project and further work which vary year by year. Below are the starting points…

  • Re branding – zoo, restaurant, gallery, charity
  • Music promotion – a new band, musical festival
  • Airline – inflight entertainment and service

Year 11 – Closing the gap on coursework and 40% exam

Autumn Term

  • Sustainable food packaging – pop up café, school, coffee shop, picnic

Spring Term

  • AQA releases the exam starting points
  • Exam preparatory work which consists of a portfolio of work leading up to a final response which is completed in the 10 hour exam

Summer Term

  • 10 hour exam – final response
  • All work moderated internally and externally by an AQA moderator – end of May