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The inspirational Miss Conway takes to the skies in charity fundraising event

Last autumn we reported that Assistant Principal and adventurer, Miss Conway would be taking part in a charity tandem skydiving challenge. The event was postponed several times due to Covid restrictions and lockdowns, but Miss Conway has finally been able to complete the challenge, raising a staggering £1700 for two charities. The money raised will be split between Cancer Research and Passmores’ charity for local young people, No Child Without.  

So what’s it like to jump from an aircraft at 15,000 feet? Here’s what Miss Conway had to say: 

‘A couple of nights before the jump, I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking, what am I doing? But there was no way I was backing out because it was for charity. So on the day, we did some training which met Covid safety protocols, and at the last minute it was changed from doing a jump at 10,000 feet to 15,000 feet. 

When we jumped from the plane, I hadn’t anticipated how cold it would be up there - it takes your breath away, and at first, you’re thinking, can I breathe? I was free-falling at 125 miles per hour – it was very surreal, but everything was so calm and relaxed and at no point was I scared, I was in the zone. It was a great experience.’ 

Miss Conway explained that she had chosen both charities because they raised money for some significant issues which had affected the Harlow community, especially since the pandemic. Covid has delayed cancer treatment for many patients, whilst the number of the town’s young people who have been affected by family job losses and financial hardship has increased.  

So, after reflecting on the whole experience, would she do it again? Miss Conway said: ‘I’d love to do a bigger charity event. The next thing is to train to do a jump where I’d deploy my own parachute. I think it’s really important to take whatever opportunities come your way’.