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Passmores Academy

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Election 2019: A Two-Horse Race at Passmores

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As the country goes once again to the polls, here at Passmores we conducted our own shadow election, as we usually do.  We used the first past the post system as used in the nation as a whole, with each of our 46 form groups representing a constituency, and the staff body as a whole forming the final, 47th seat.

In 2017 the school returned a Hung Parliament, with the Labour Party most likely to be in control, having more votes than any other single party.  The vote was spread widely among all of the parties on offer. 

This year the results have seen a more emphatic Labour win (32 seats), with the Conservative party in second place (13 seats) and the other parties making very impact on the outcome.  At the time of writing we do not know how well (or not) this will mirror the national picture.