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Passmores Academy

Passmores Academy

Improving upon our best

A Taste of Victory


At Passmores, we have been entering the Futuechef competition for the past 12, years reaching the National final stage three times.  Today, George  and Daisy  went head to head to vie for their place in yet another final.  There are four stages in total and all Year 9 food students enter at the school heat stage, with an optional entry for year 10 and 11 students. If they are successful they will progress through the local final,  then the regional final and then onto the main event itself.


Daisy prepared Honey-glazed pork & fried rice, served with spring rolls & sweet and sour sauce.  For dessert she made banana fritters with ginger cream.  George created a main course of Moroccan meatballs with spiced apricot puree, tempura aubergine discs and tabbouleh, and for dessert he served a Fig tart.


The competition is still going as I write but I can assure you that their work smells out of this world!


I have attached the website link for the competition below: