Lion House

Welcome students, staff, parents and carers to Lion House.  My name is Alicia Corridan and I am delighted to be the Head of this fantastic House.  I am a maths and PE teacher from Co. Kerry in Ireland and this is my tenth year working at Passmores Academy.  Our Deputy Head of House is Sophie Banks.  She is a PE teacher and this is her fifth year at Passmores Academy.

Lion is a fun, hardworking and caring House made up of an amazing group of students and staff.  We were sad to see our Year 11s go at the end of the last school year; however, we were very happy to welcome our new Year 7s to our House this September.  Our House motto is “Lions never lose - either we win or we learn”.  Whether as individuals or as a collective we will all face challenges this year. Competition within school will be tough and we are sure to face losses along the way.  However, we must remember our motto and learn from every experience, continuing to move forward and grow from strength to strength.

There will be a wide number of House Events run throughout this academic year.  These will vary from sporting events such as cross country and football, to academic events such as the maths challenge and spelling bee, as well as more creative events in expressive arts and technology.  There is enough variety and opportunity available for EVERYBODY in Lion House to get involved and help us to win the House Championship at the end of this year.  Please remember that we are here to work together as a team and support each other.  When you represent Lion, you are not only doing yourself proud but also your House.

I am looking forward to the year ahead and working with the students, staff, parents and carers of Lion House.  If we work together and aim high, there is no reason that Lion House will not be the House Championship winners once again this year!