Lion House

Lion House – Faster, Higher, Stronger
My fellow Lions (that’s not just directed at all the marvellous students within Yellow House, but also the staff AND the parents) let me welcome you to what promises to be a fun packed year here at Passmores. Now me being a PE teacher, I love my sport. HOWEVER, gone are the days when House competitions were just sport, sport…. &, oh, a little more sport. From this day on I am confident that, through our diverse range of challenges & events, there will be far more scope for EVERYONE to not only be involved, but also to gain a huge amount from these individual experiences. To name but a few activities on this year’s calendar we have: Poetry Competition, Spelling Bee, Maths Challenge and a Halloween Disco supported by Textiles for Costumes and Catering for Food.
Great Britain’s outstanding success at the recent Olympic Games in Beijing cannot have escaped many of us. I have decided to ‘borrow’ (they are such lovely people so I’m sure they won’t mind) Team GB’s motto (“Faster, Higher, Stronger”) & make it our own. As I highlighted before, we are not all about sport & I must stress this. We can apply our new motto to further develop our creative thinking, our artistic ability & our academic strengths.
We should respect our fellow competitors but never fear them
We should never lose sight of the importance of teamwork
We should remember that our own individual effort added to that of another’s & another’s will see the whole House succeed
We should keep in our minds that a game is never lost until it is declared over
We should enjoy what we do and play by the rules
We should give our best in all we are asked to do
If….We do all this
We will all be winners in own right
I will conclude in stating that, as Head of Lion House, my door is always open & together I am sure we can conquer any obstacle that may lie in our way.