Griffin House

Welcome to Griffin House!

Those of you that have been lucky enough to be placed in Griffin are my stars of the future and I look forward to getting to know all of you and seeing what you can do to help put Griffin at the top of the House Competition this year.

In Griffin, every student is expected to do their bit and participate in the many House events that run throughout the year, whether it be cookery or rugby, Spelling Bee or Sports Day; every Griffin has a contribution to make in order to help us build a strong and competitive team that is both supportive and hungry for victory. We ask that parents encourage participation from their children in the events that run after school and remind you that you are more than welcome to come along and cheer them on yourself!

As Head of Griffin I do all I can, along with the fabulous tutor team, to make sure your children are happy in school and have all they need to achieve their true potential while they are with us. Our standards are high and all Griffins are expected to look their best, try their hardest and treat others with respect; this will be our ultimate recipe for success.

As ever, your child’s tutor is your first point of contact and the person who knows your child best in school. Tutors are always happy to speak with parents regarding any concerns should you need to discuss anything with them.

Griffin is once again setting its sights high for 2016-17; with a proper effort from every member of the house, we aim to be victorious this year in the House competition.