Passmores Popstars

Passmores Popstars are students with a high degree of ability in one or more of a wide range of areas.  Support and challenge for students with this designation is provided through our curriculum and additionally we have dedicated coaches for this cohort of students.

Coaching is a key method in which Passmores works and our programme is available to all students, including those who are recognised as gifted and/or talented.  All students are provided with one-to-one academic support from a specifically-designated gifted and talented coach and have access to a member of the Senior Leadership Team with the remit of overseeing their progress.

Data snapshots of performance in all subjects are taken half-termly and students are challenged to perform at their best.  Underachievement is swiftly spotted and becomes a focus for improvement if found.

Students are offered a range of extra-curricular opportunities including access visits to Cambridge and other universities in order to whet their appetite for further and higher education or fantastic workplaces.