Access Centre

Welcome to the Access Centre

The Access Centre is a school based facility used as part of a whole school inclusion strategy. Its purpose, to support students who are experiencing some difficulty with the mainstream curriculum.

In the centre, students have the opportunity to improve their social and academic skills. Students typically attend the centre on a part time basis from specific lessons. Wherever possible, the lessons they are withdrawn from will continue in the Centre to ensure continuity. Confidence building, self-esteem, relaxation and behaviour issues are also addressed.

No student is withdrawn without the full agreement of the Inclusion Panel and parents / carers are kept informed of their child’s progress.

Parents / carers are welcome to make an appointment to come and discuss any aspect of their son/daughter’s time in the Access Centre.

We are confident that with this help, support students will return to their timetabled lesson within a term.

The centre also has its own Co-Educator, Mrs Janet Poulter. Mrs Poulter is able to offer further support to some students as they return to their normal curriculum.

Karen Morris

Access Centre Manager