In most cases, EAL students are bilingual which means they speak two languages fluently. Some students are very fortunate and speak three languages. For these students we offer the chance to get an additional GCSE and even A-Levels in their home languages and encourage them to speak in their language.

Some students who come to Passmores do not speak any English. It is my job, with the help of subject teachers, to help the students learn the English language while taught in English. Support includes bilingual language dictionaries, one to one literacy support, and support in lessons. As part of the students’ well-being, as well as liaising with parents, I offer mentoring sessions to help the students cope with their new school surroundings.

At Passmores, there are 34 languages spoken and 25 countries represented by students and staff. My aim is to encourage our entire school community to celebrate our wonderful diversity. We celebrate this with our yearly events including a multi-cultural evening which includes music, dance, food and national dress. Through education and on our Aspire Days, students can learn and are made aware of different cultures.

Should you have any queries please contact Roxy Ahmad.