A hair-raising experience

After her grandfather was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Ella, decided to stand up and be counted.  Throwing herself into fundraising to fight the disease, she agreed to have her head shaved in public this Tuesday.  This was a nerve-wracking and overwhelming experience for her.


Awestruck students happily shelled out for this rare privilege, to see someone undertake a real challenge in order to make a difference - and make a difference she did.  Staff left the hall in tears as she sacrificed her lovely long locks, in order to donate them to the Little Princess charity, that weaves wigs for children devastated by their own hair loss.


Amid frequent cheers of “Come on Ella,” she first lost two large pigtails, before the hairdresser switched on the clippers and began removing the rest.


Supported by her mother and her brother Joel, himself a former Passmores student, she gritted her teeth and demonstrated great bravery as she went through the removal.  Her mum reassured her that the eventual result looked really nice, which we all agree. It wasn’t easy but then again, nothing inspiring ever is.


If you would like to support, please go to https://www.justgiving.com/Leanne-Elven

Ella has raised nearly £2000 for the pancreatic cancer charity already.