Standing Ovation for Spectacular 'Sweet Charity'

"Like a night in the West End." -Ms Busson

"The most mature performance I have seen from students in my entire 25-year career." - Mr Goddard

"Simply unbelievable." - Mr King

The cast and crew of the school production, 'Sweet Charity', received a much deserved standing ovation at the end of last night’s show, which is unprecedented for an opening night.

This Broadway classic tells the story of eternal optimist, Charity Hope Valentine, who yearns to be swept off her feet by a knight in shining armour. But after a series of hopeless relationships, will Charity’s dreams of a perfect marriage and living happily ever after really come true?

Rousing musical numbers include ‘Big Spender’, ‘If My Friends Could See Me Now’, and ‘Rhythm of Life’ and are delivered with style and a swinging sixties vibe cooler than a polar bear’s toes.

With brilliant choreography, powerful vocal performances and buckets of talent, the show achieves a level of maturity contrasting beautifully with the kind of energy and vitality that only youth can provide. All this, and a live band to boot.

If there was ever a show to make your toes tap and your heart sing, it’s 'Sweet Charity'. A limited number of tickets are available for tonight’s performance and Thursday night is almost sold out. If you’re not already going, you really should be!