No Tower too high for No Child Without

An enthusiastic crowd gathered to support three of our most daring teachers, when on Sunday they abseiled down Church Langley Water Tower for Passmores's charity, No Child Without.

Miss Conway, Miss Martin, and Mr McGee bravely agreed to undertake the challenge to raise funds which will enable young people to experience educationally enriching activities that otherwise would not be accessible to them.

Miss Conway was first to literally take the plunge, overcoming her initial misgivings to tackle the task with gusto. She waved to the crowd as she descended with a beaming smile and obvious enjoyment.

Equally resolute, Miss Martin was next to make the descent, taking it nice and steady, ensuring successful completion and a safe landing. Miss Martin admitted that although it was scary making the initial drop over the edge of the 120ft tower, she had thoroughly enjoyed her abseiling experience and would definitely do it again. She added, ‘we were touched by the amount of people who came to see us and the support we received’.

Last but not least, an unfazed Mr McGee powered down the wire, reaching the ground quickly and assuredly, while looking as cool as the proverbial cucumber.

Warm applause from the crowd acknowledged the trio’s awesome achievement and appreciation of their commitment to this worthwhile cause. It is rumoured that the dynamic team are keen to take part in an even bigger, adrenaline fuelled challenge next year and would like to get more staff involved.

Heartfelt thanks goes to all the supporters who turned up on the day, and all those who made donations, many of whom were Passmores students. Altogether these contributions have raised more than £900 for the charity.

If you would like to donate, the link can be accessed here: