Homework can now be done in a supervised computer room each day during the first hour after school.  Y005, our famous "Goldfish Bowl" has been booked for the rest of the year and able Year Ten students have been employed to help out younger students with their work. 

There is access to PCs for up to 30 students and so samlearning or ICT homework can be done in school, along with desk space available for more traditional homework tasks from other subjects.

The student helpers are gifted academics who have excellent homework-completion records in lower school.  As such, they will be able to help students to understand tasks, or signpost sources of help for them if the task is beyond their own area of expertise.

Mr King will oversee the running of this club and is encouraging students of all years to be proactive and develop the "homework habit" that should see them successful in later years.

Key Stage 4 students are welcome to attend and use the facilities also.