Dispatches from Spain

Here are the latest updates from the Passmores Academy PE Facebook page:


"Girls as Wallys :)!

"Boys back from football and girls on their way back from netball."

"A great day shopping and trip to Camp Nou. Now getting ready for dinner and quiz night. Sorry still no pictures, as we are struggling to upload them through the hotel wifi. Will try again later."

"On the coach and off to Barcalona, shopping first and then to the Nou Camp. Happy Birthday Brandon!!!"


This site will update as and when we receive extra information, to let you know of the sports results, highlights and other interesting trip information.


Previous updates:


"Finally all here and unpacked, going for lunch!"

"20 miles away from Barcelona now, 1 hour and 30mins until we arrive at the hotel."


"Arrived in France, 2 hour delay but finally settling down for the long journey."

"Arrived at Dover. Aaron got comfortable very quickly."

"The wait is finally over #SportsTour."