Hello everybody, my name is Tammy Bassett and I am head of i-Future here at Passmores Academy.

Our rationale in i-Future is to develop the key skills for life across year groups 7 to 11 in a way that encourages enquiry, social responsibility and independence amongst our students.

i-Future is a mixture of citizenship, sex and relationships education, religious education, personal, social and health education and careers education. It covers a range of topics from gun and knife crime, the role of the up-stander and by-stander to creating a curriculum vitae, interview skills, budgeting, consumer education and role of religion in social justice and conflict resolution. It aims to create a confident, self-resilient and empathetic young person who is able to leave Passmores Academy as a fully functioning politically young citizen.

We have enthusiastic and experienced teachers delivering i-Future, including myself, these include Joyce Powell, Paul Tarling, Achia Begum, John Steadman, Val Neagus, Natalie Christie, Jo Connolly  and Kristina Saunders.

Students study i-Future between year 8 and 11 at Passmores and within each academic year group cover the strands of Personal, Social and Health Education, Sex and Relationships Education Careers, Citizenship and Religious Education. These strands are deliverd through topics which are appropriate to the specific year group. For example, SRE is taught to Year 9 through an exploration of healthy relationships. As the programme develops and as the students' progress throught to Key Stage 4, SRE is expanded to include topics such as safe sex, teenage pregnancy and contraception being taught by the time they reach Year 11.

Similarly, with careers education students begin in Key Stage 3 lookingat different careers and aspirational role models and ends in Key Stage 4 with sessions on the completion of applications to college and CVs, which can be used by students to find work; this is similar to Citizenship,RE and PSHE.