Higher Project

The Level 2 Higher Project Qualification enables Year 11 students to achieve a half GCSE at grades A*-C; the final written report for this qualification should be approximately 2500 words in length.

The Level 3 Extended Project Qualification enables students to challenge themselves in a more extensive project; the final written report should be 6006-8000 words in length. It is worth the equivalent of 50% of an A level (whereas an AS level is only worth 36% of an A Level). So the Extended Project Qualification is a valuable consideration to boost UCAS points. The Level 3 Extended Project grades currently equate to UCAS points as follows: A* = 28; A = 24; B = 20; C = 16; D = 12; E = 8.

In both courses, students complete a research project based on an area of personal academic interest. These challenging qualifications require students to establish a research question, complete a review of current literature, conduct data collection and analysis, and evaluate their research process. In addition to compiling a final report or dissertation, some students have also created artefacts as part of their research projects, and deliver a presentation outlining their research at the end of the course.

Both Project Qualification courses aid the development of many key skills such as independent learning, research and critical thinking, which are valued by both employers and universities. Involvement in these courses is also an opportunity to show academic commitment to a chosen subject (not necessarily offered in the standard curriculum) and to explore a topic for its own sake.

Students will find all resources needed to guide their independent study on their Edmodo page, and are encouraged to visit this site regularly. Students can also access the course specifications as well as our course overview using the links below.

 Achievements for 2016-2018: 

Five students have successfully achieved the Level 3 Extended Project Qualification with three students achieving an A* grade. In the Level 2 Higher Project Qualification, 42% achieved an A* grade, 40% achieved an A grade and 18% achieved a B grade.

A selection of students' research was also published in the Passmores Research Journal - Volume 1.

Past research questions have been interesting and varied:

- How can virtual reality games benefit education in the future?

- How does the mindset of an individual affect the rate of improvement of physical activity?

- With 10,000+ hours, can anybody become a musical virtuoso?

- Is the separation of the Olympic and the Paralympic Games just another example of segregation in our society?

- Are individuals disabled because they are restricted physically, emotionally or psychologically, or, because they are restricted by conditions within their society?

- How will robot singularity affect the world we live in?

- Why do some serial killers have murder patterns and what does this reveal about them?