REAL Projects

REAL Projects are designs for learning that connect deep subject content with real world problem solving. They enable all students to create extraordinary work that matters.  They are currently running in Year 7.

-           What makes a hero? Students interview their own personal, everyday hero and write an article about them to create a professionally published book. They will learn how to refine portraits of their hero to illustrate their article.

-           Why do we learn foreign languages? Students will research how and why we learn languages and produce a book for younger children in either Spanish or French to help them learn new vocabulary in their target language. They will learn how to develop cartoon characters and backgrounds to illustrate their work and make it engaging.

-          Fair Trade? A cross curricular project involving English, maths, media studies, technology and art which resulted in a documentary screened at Harlow College and merchandise sold in the local community.

-          What is spirituality? A cross curricular project involving citizenship, art and religious education resulting in an art exhibition in the heart of Harlow

-          How do roller-coasters work? A cross curricular project combining maths and science

-          Why is sport important? Combining PE and English to answer the central question and put on a sports day for a local primary school.