Students Towards Excellent Progress

Hello, my name is Mrs Baldwin and I am the STEP Team Leader. I have been at Passmores since 2007, having started as a co-educator. I have been fortunate enough to develop to my current role from working on my own to now having a team assisting me. I love how rewarding my job is and how every day is different as well as seeing how the students develop and grow.

The STEP Team is designed to carry out early interventions for students who are having difficulties in terms of their behaviours within school, and having troubles adhering to the Passmores Relationship Charter.  Alongside this, the team are also there to support students who are having particular difficulties in school, either socially, emotionally or academically.

Here are the team's key objectives for 2016/ 17:

–            To carry out early behaviour interventions for identified pupils:

–            To work with particular students who have specific needs, which are preventing them from engaging in learning through positive reinforcement booklets and progress record cards

–            To manage the whole school sanction of ‘Ed Zone’ on Tuesdays and Thursdays (when required).

–            To work alongside, SLT, Head of House, tutors and other staff to identify problem areas and to assist in re-engagement with learning.

–            To carry out student observations in classrooms, and offer in class support and advice where necessary.

–            To help instil and enforce Passmores' core relationship values amongst the student body:

–            To encourage positive relationships within Passmores and promote anti-bullying within the school.

–            To organise external provisions for students and be the link between Passmores, parents and outside agencies.

–            To regularly liaise with parents/carers and attend meetings/reviews. To take an active part in student re-integrations following selected sanctions. 

–            To arrange and carry out student-specific interventions such as mentoring, monitoring, restorative justice and anger management.


•           STEP Team member- Katie Watts (KWS) - " Hi I'm Miss Watts and have been here a few years now.  My background is in counselling for children and young adults and behaviour.  I am able to use my knowledge and skills to help students when they are struggling and to help them re-engage with their lessons.  Every day is a different day in this job role and I thoroughly enjoy how rewarding it is."

•           STEP Team member- Lewis Watson (LWN) - " Hi there i'm Mr Watson (LWN), I have been at Passmores since 2017 and have loved every minute of the job and how rewarding it really is. I am a Mental Health Champion and qualified in coaching psychology. Before I started at Passmores, my background revolved around sport, playing regular football at a high level. Being the captain of the team has taught me discipline and teamwork which I use a lot within my job role.