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Hi, my name is Achia Begum and I am the Head of the Creative Media Department, which offers a qualification that allows young people to acquire industrial skills. The department inspires and enthuses learners to consider a career in the creative media industries, rather than just surfing the web or playing video games.

Students learn to enjoy and engage during lessons and understand the wider use of Media in the real world, the immense opportunities and continuous growth throughout jobs and our society today.

The course enables students to develop and understand business approaches and create products, along with all the necessary skills required such as advertising, planning, costs, time management and pitching their idea professionally to an audience. This not only helps them understand this better but also helps them develop their confidence.

Students also learn how to manage themselves professionally in a team using key skills built over the course. This is fundamental for when they produce a group music video which requires them to plan, check health and safety and edit their video together.

Component 1: Exploring Media Products – Learners will develop their understanding of how media products create meaning for their audiences. Learners will examine existing products and explore media production techniques.

Component 2: Developing Digital Media Production Skills – Learners will develop skills and techniques in media production processes by reworking media products from one, or all, of the following sectors: audio/moving image, publishing, interactive design.

Component 3: Create a Media Product in Response to a Brief (External Assessment)

Learners will apply and develop their planning and production skills and techniques to create a media product in response to a client brief.


The units are:

Unit 1: Digital Media Sectors and Audiences (Core Unit Exam based 25%) – in this unit learners will explore the digital media industry and all five key sectors that fall under it (Digital Moving Image,

Digital Audio Production, Digital Publishing, Website Production and Digital Games

Production). They will also explore the different types of audiences and how audiences can engage with each sector.

Unit 2: Planning and Pitching a Digital Media Product (Coursework based 25%) – in this unit learners will use their verbal, written and visual communication skills to enable them to formulate, develop and pitch ideas of a product that they then plan to produce.

Unit 3: Digital Media Moving Image (Coursework based 25%) -Learners will carry out pre-production techniques for a proposed video product then contribute in a technical ability to the creation of a video product.

Unit 5: Digital Publishing Production (Coursework based 25%) - in this unit, learners will gain the knowledge and skills required for the design and development of digital publishing products.

They will also have an overview of how to source materials and then combine them. Students will organise and manage the production of a digital publishing product.


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