The Art Department is a friendly, lively and hardworking department that consists of 2 specialist art teachers who both have backgrounds in photography, fine art, sculpture and theatre design.

In the Art Department we aim to introduce students to a variety of different materials and processes, all of which takes place in a well-equipped department which the students and the teaching staff are very proud of.  We encourage our students to be independent thinkers and learners by offering them a curriculum rich in challenge and excitement.  Schemes of work are designed to enrich and challenge students allowing them to have creative freedom and opportunities for all abilities to achieve their best.  Students are taught to develop their ideas through a wide range of media and processes and are given the opportunity to work in 2D and 3D media.

In Year 8 the students work through a cultural project, exploring art from around the world.  Throughout these projects students will learn how to improve their direct observational drawing skills and learn new skills which may include print making, and 3D Art.  They will develop skills in analysing and evaluating their own work and the work of other artists and develop their own ideas into a final outcome.  The students in year 8 through to year 11 are very aware of the GCSE assessment objectives and the quality of work achieved is a reflection of this. Our standards are very high. 

Students in Year 9 can opt to study GCSE Art over a three-year course. The GCSE Art course comprises of 2 units: Coursework (60% coursework) and exam (40% coursework). Students opting for GCSE Art are expected to contribute to attending the extra-curricular art sessions that we offer.  KS4 students are offered the opportunity to attend after school enrichment sessions, these are run on a Tuesday and Wednesday in the Art Department.  The students are encouraged to attend as they have access to equipment and one to one specialist support.   

All of our GCSE students follow the AQA GCSE Art and Design course. Themes at GCSE are broad-based and encourage a personal, independent approach.  Students will use sketchbooks to for preparatory work and record ideas, exploring a wide variety of materials including pencil, oil pastel, acrylic paint, printmaking, batik, collage, clay, photography and mixed media-through to a successful outcome.  They will look at the work of other artists, designers and craftsmen from a variety of times and cultures.

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