Hi, my name is Lee Pickering and I am head of history at Passmores. We are a successful department that is popular with students when making their option choices at GCSE. Our rationale is to develop the key historical skills across years 7 to 11 in a way that encourages enquiry and inquisitiveness amongst our students. It is equally important to link the subjects and skills taught to the present day so that the students can see how the study of history impacts upon their lives and helps them to develop as citizens.

We have 4 specialist history teachers in the department, including myself, these include Abi Cunningham (associate SLT), Emma Danaher and Perry Williamson

At KS3 the students the students study:

Year 7 - People and places across British History which is a comparison of life during the Medieval period with that of the Industrial Revolution; A depth study on Jack the Ripper; Key turning points in British History from 1066 to 1900 (for example the English Civil War);

Year 8 - World War 1 (focusing upon the experiences of those involved in the conflict); USA between the wars (looking specifically at the positive and negative impact of change); World War 2 (focusing on key turning points in the conflict from the causes to Hiroshima).

At GCSE students will follow a 3 year course following the Edexcel GCSE specification.

In Year 9 students will begin with the study of the Norman Conquest 1060 to 1086 (Paper 2) and Crime and Punishment across time c1000 to the present day (Paper 1).

In Year 10 students will be completing their studies in Crime and Punishment (Paper 1) before moving onto The American West 1840 to 1897 (Paper 2).

In Year 11 students study Germany 1918-1939 (Paper 3). This will be followed by a short case study of Policing in Whitechapel in the 1880's (Paper 1)