Science is a core subject and is therefore taught throughout both key stages as a compulsory subject. 

Our key objective is to provide our students with a love of enquiry as well as academic rigour that will serve them well throughout their lives. We aim to open the minds of our students by providing them with a wide range of ideas and views that will help them form balanced opinions and help them to become happy and successful people. 

In science at Key Stage 4, Year 11 and 10 pupils will study either Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE with the Edexcel exam board giving them three GCSE qualifications or Core and Additional science GCSE qualifications also with Edexcel exam board. Each GCSE involves three one hour exams and a piece of controlled assessment completed in class.  A small group of pupils study BTEC entry level science qualification.

The year 9 pupils are studying the new format GCSE qualifications. Year 9 pupils have the option of Combined science (a two GCSE option) or a combination of Biology, Chemistry and Physics all with the Edexcel exam board. There is no controlled assessment in the new curriculum and they will sit just two exams per GCSE.

Further information on the KS4 course can be found in the attached documents.  Further information about the KS3 course can be seen in the photo file.