Hello, my name is Glenys Cross and I am Head of Mathematics. I am keen that the department builds on its success and continues to improve on the high standards already set.

At Key Stage 3, Years 7 and 8, all students begin their 5 year journey towards either Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Mathematics or a series of functional skills qualifications.  All students study:

• Number;

• Algebra;

• Ratio, proportion and rates of change;

• Geometry and measures;

• Statistics.

The learning in KS3 is aimed at understanding why and how mathematics can be applied to problem solving scenarios.  Problem solving skills are essential in order to prepare your child for KS4 and their GCSE course.  The language of mathematics will be explored to enable your child to understand different scenarios.

To bridge the gap between KS2 and the extensive knowledge required for the 9-1 GCSE we offer a functional skills course for a small group of students in Years 7-11.  In Year 9, a decision is taken as to their readiness to study the 9-1 GCSE at Foundation level or continue with the functional skills qualifications.

In Years 9, students (except those studying functional skills) study Foundation and in Years 10 and 11 students study towards either Foundation or Higher (9-1) GCSE.

For the most able Year 11 students, as an additional GCSE, students study towards an Edexcel Level 3 Award in Algebra, a higher award than a GCSE where students are graded as either Pass or Fail. It is an excellent course for those wishing to study mathematics at a higher level when they leave Passmores Academy. This year the course started In September and is a one hour lunchtime commitment from students and myself per week.

As a department, we strive to maximize the mathematical potential of every student. We aim to teach high quality lessons that will enable students to appreciate and enjoy mathematics. Students are encouraged to speak to staff when they require extra help, particularly with homework and we provide a number of extra-curricular sessions for our department to facilitate this collaboration.  There are a number of recommended websites, examination dates and details of our extra-curricular timetable given in the department and activities sites letter attachment.