The English department is passionate about delivering a curriculum that promotes ‘Excellence in English’. Within the department, we can boast a variety of specialisms, ranging from Canadian fiction, Renaissance literature, the works of J.R.R. Tolkien from the Modern era, all the way to J.K Rowling in the Post-Modern era.

We believe that the best study of literature is through dialogue, and so one of our specialist team members runs “The Dead Poet’s Society”, to engage and stimulate discussion of poetry. Poetry is a key passion within the department, each member of the department having studied multiple poets and poetry modules throughout their BA(Hons) degrees. The department also promotes individual poets or schools of poetry on a termly basis.

The department also thrives on the study of prose, where we study, across all key stages, a variety of authors. It is fundamental to the department that we explore all eras of our expertise, and so our authors range from Chaucer, all the way to John Green. Passmores Academy English department also includes its very own published author, Russell King. We also partake each week in our ‘Literature Lunch’, when we meet to discuss texts and tales that engage and excite us.

Here in English, we provide a curriculum that stimulates a love of both Literature and Language, where the team holds BA(hons) degrees in these areas as well as Linguistics and Theatre studies. This ensures a wide range of experience within the English curriculum. Throughout the English department, we use drama and speech to stimulate our students’ learning.

Our teaching strategies and styles are embedded with role play and drama to bring Shakespeare and other literary authors alive. Furthermore, if your child enjoys public speaking, we also have a debating society and compete annually in the Jack Petchey ‘Speak Out Challenge’.

Teaching and learning is integral to the development and progression of our team. Within English we hold three pedagogy leaders, to ensure development of teaching to meet the needs of all learners. Two members of the faculty also hold Master degrees in Education, to ensure that research is at the fore-front of our practice. We look forward to igniting your child's passion for English and seeing them develop their skills and interest in the subject.