The internet is a brilliant resource to help you with your learning. There are various websites that can suport your work and allow you to do research to help you to be an independent learner.

Every student at Passmores has a SamLearning account which gives you access to hundreds of activities in all your subjects which can help you to improve your skills and knowledge. If you are a Key Stage 3 student you know that you are set a SamLearning homework every week. Your tutor will tell you which subject it is for the coming week, and you have a week in which to do the set tasks. You can also check out which subject is going to be set for each week by looking in the online calendar on this website.

Key Stage 4 students can use SamLearnng as an ongoing resource to help you with revision and independent learning at any time. Your teacher may set you tasks from SamLearning from time to time as wll.

To access the SamLearning website click on the link below.

To log in to SamLearning you need the following information:

Centre ID: cm18ps

User ID: Your six figure date of birth followed by your initials. For example 310194DJ is the User ID for David Jones, born 31st January 1994.

Password: The same as your User ID.

If you have any problems accessing either the SamLearning site or your account please contact Mr King using the link on the right of this page.