SEN Information

Passmores is proud to be an inclusive organisation and sees itself as a servant of its community.  We take steps to ensure that all students are given a listening ear and provided with the opportunity to use their voice and have a real say within our school and beyond.  We seek out opportunitires for students to be successful both within our carefully constructed curriculum and beyond it, through extra curricular opportunities.  Competitions are run cross-school and students with SEND are encouraged to participate.  Some competitions are specifically targeted at students with SEND.

Our vertical tutoring supports our sense of inclusion and gives students friends in all school years.  Our Student Cooperative Council promotes from all years and students with SEND are represented in each year group on the panel.  Our Inclusion department contains staff who work with the full range of curricular support as well as providing counselling, coaching, mentoring and support with other needs. Our STEP Team works with students and their families to help overcome barriers to learning, such as behavioural and emotional needs.  Where students raise concerns about their learning or pastoral care, our Inclusion staff are trained to support and know when to seek external guidance or support.  

Please see the documents below for further information upon Special Education Needs provision at Passmores.

Please also see our Equality Statement in the Policies section of our website.