At Passmores we teach a wide range of different subjects to our students.

A short introduction to each of these subjects can be found on the pages on the left.  You can also find email contact details for all of the teachers of each subject, should you wish to contact your child's teacher at any time. This is also the section for students to access help, information and resources for your studies. For students in each academic year, the content of the curriculum followed by the school for each subject and details as to how additional information relating to the curriculum may be obtained, is also available on each subject page.

The subjects are divided up by their faculties so you have to go to the faculty first and then go down to the specific subject that you want.

Subjects marked with a star are available at GCSE level; two stars indicates a BTEC option is available.

  • Art (Arts)*/**
  • Business Studies (MBICT)*
  • Catering (Technology)**
  • Child Learning and Development**
  • Citizenship (Humanities)*
  • Computing (MBICT)*
  • Dance (Arts)**
  • Drama (Arts)**
  • English Language (Communications)*
  • English Literature (Communications)*
  • Food Technology (Technology)
  • French (Communications)*
  • Geography (Humanities)*
  • Graphics (Technology)*
  • History (Humanities)*
  • Leisure and Tourism (Humanities)**
  • Maths (MBICT)*
  • Media Studies (Communications)**
  • Music (Arts)*/**
  • Passmores Competency Curriculum
  • PE (PE & Science)*
  • Photography (Technology)*
  • Psychology (Humanities)*
  • Product Design (Technology)*
  • RE (Humanities)
  • Resistant Materials (Technology)*
  • Science (PE & Science)*/**
  • Spanish (Communications)*
  • Sport (PE & Science)**
  • Statistics (MBICT)*
  • Textiles (Technology)*