Harold Rush


Hello, I am Harold Rush and I have been a governor of Passmores for more than thirty years. I have served in a variety of different roles and on the majority of committees. My association with the school began while I was working for BP as a marine engineer, managing the electrical branch of a team designing ships’ systems. My moderately successful and hugely enjoyable career began after I left Bedford Modern School and carried out a three-year student apprenticeship,   eventually becoming a Chartered Engineer. My work has involved extensive worldwide travel, eventually finishing as a trainer and consultant.

I have long recognised the importance of getting a good start and stimulating enjoyable education for young people, from my own experience. After acting as a voluntary school/industry liaison officer for BP I was invited to become a governor here. It has been a rewarding and sometimes challenging experience, during which I have seen the school grow in stature with a deservedly improved reputation.

My wife and I have tried to experience as many of the events and productions as possible. They affirm our strong belief in how much, often hidden, talent resides in the students and staff of our school. Indeed, one of our own three grown up children often says how much she wishes she had attended Passmores!