Neil Lawson - Vice Chair of LGB


As a parent who wanted to become more involved with the school, I first became a school governor in 2006.  My children have since progressed to the next stages of their education  but I am keen to continue to be involved with the academy.

The local governing body works with the Principal to plan the school’s future direction, and meets throughout the year.  A key part of my role is to monitor the school against its targets and consider regular reports on issues such as curriculum, attendance, behaviour and pupil progress.  I am also involved in discussing reports of reviews which set out the strengths and weaknesses of each faculty, based on the Leadership Team’s observation of lessons, faculty self-evaluation and feedback from students.  Each governor has a link to a Department or Faculty so that, through these reports and occasional visits, we get a better understanding of what goes on in school and can have more fully informed discussions about its future. 

So, why be a governor at Passmores ?  It’s interesting, and it’s great to be involved with a school which can be proud of its professional staff and its enthusiastic and talented young people!