Statement of Passmores' Ethos and Values

Passmores Academy is a servant to its community.  Placing young people at the heart of everything we do, we aim to guide our students to be "the best they possibly can be." 

As a cooperative academy we believe in the values enshrined within our constitution:  honesty, openness, solidarity, equality, equity, self-help, self-responsibility, social responsibility, caring for others and democracy. 

We believe that students should be exposed to a range of experiences in life and are committed to lifelong learning.  We strive to ensure that barriers to progress are knocked down, be they emotional, financial or intellectual.

We aim to prepare students for the 21st century's ever-changing employment landscape by making them independent, meta-cognitive individuals with adaptability and the will to succeed.

Our house system is a competitive one that involves staff and parents as well as the students.  We seek togetherness and for all stakeholders to be "Proud of Passmores."

We are a learning institution as well as a teaching one, and we actively seek feedback and ideas to help our school to improve.  Visitors to the school often remark on how much it has changed - not just physically but in all aspects.  In our striving for constant improvement we hope that visitors will always be commenting on this dynamism.

We seek to reward not just academic excellence and talent, but also progress.  We strongly believe in rewarding the overwhelming majority of students who turn up every day and just do the right thing constantly.  We try to operate with smiles on our faces.

We are Proud of Passmores.  We hope you will be as well.