Student Zone

Revising for GCSEs, completing coursework for BTECs and GCSEs, in fact anything that needs that bit of extra time and focus in Key Stage 4 - all of this can be tough.

This section of the site will provide students  with hints, tips, advice and links to help you to get through your Key Stage 4 courses. You can download documents, visit websites or ask Miss Connolly for general advice.  There is also material in this section of the website suitable for younger students.

We cannot do the work for you, but what we can do is make it is as painless as possible.


For a range of subjects

Audio Memos - free and easy voice recorder for the auditory learners.  A good way to capture revision.

BBC Bitesize

GCSEPod - a revision site that "is like the work without the working!"  Students already have login details for this site.

QRReader – type QR reader into your app store and download a free QR reader application.

Samlearning - keep up to date with your set work in lower school or dip in and out in upper school, as the mood takes you.

SimpleMind+ - fabulous and straightforward mind-mapping tool for the visual learners.

Socrative – download the student socrative app: this will allow you to interact and answer questions through your handheld device.

Make It Happen Survey

BeaHive Questionaire - 

For Communications

Clicktionary - a customisable dictionary tool that also acts as a translator.

Good Reads - a social networking site for passionate readers.

Madlibs - word games online.

Romeo and Juliet (Rocketbook) - learn the play inside out with this summary and quiz app.

Spell Tower - dangerously addictive spelling game.  Popwords is an alternative version.

Word Press - start your own blog.

Writing Prompts - one of a large number of random word generators that can stoke up creativity when you are stuck for something to write.


For Maths


Apps for iPad/ iPhone 
GCSE Maths: Super edition
EdExcel past papers
Maths Questions, (by learner cloud)
Best Maths

For Science or P.E.

Blog -

Coachmyvideo –an app that will allow you to film specific skills and games and then analyse them in slow motion.

Facebook - the Passmores Academy PE page

Twitter - @PassmoresPEdept

These are useful, particularly if you find yourself "stuck" or needing to revise. 

If any of you (parents/carers/young people) discover any resources that you think our students might find beneficial then please contact me to let me know of the resource

Please note: a recommendation for a resource's educational potential does not count as a guarantee that every user will use a site responsibility. Also, please be aware that the safety and security of a smartphone or tablet device remains the owner's responsibility, so think carefully before bringing a device into school for these purposes.