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Relationships and Behaviour

We pride ourselves on our high standards of discipline and mutual respect that have been the bedrock on which we have built our academy's successes to date.  At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to cooperative principles and inclusive practice. 

Our school has a Relationship Charter rather than a Behaviour Policy, and it has been created by the students, parents/carers and staff, as well as canvassing the views of the local community.  The charter is reviewed regularly.

Our charter seeks to affirm rather than condemn, to reward as well as challenge.  It applies equally to all members of our school community and enshrines the behaviours we expect adults to model, as well as students.

The charter enshrines the behaviours expected of students on their way to or from school and when in uniform as well. Students and adults associated with the school have a duty to protect its good name in the community and digital world, and to act in accordance with the principles set out in the charter.

Should a student transgress the charter they may find themselves open to one or more sanctions, depending on the severity or nature of the offense and circumstances.  These sanctions may be drawn (not exclusively) from this list:

student spoken to;

participation in a restorative justice experience;

removal of part of break or lunchtime;

afterschool detention;

placed in a cool down room

edzone (an offset school day housed away from peers);

internal exclusion in the TATE Centre at Potter Street;

permanent exclusion from school.

Our school strongly feels that permanent exclusion is a drastic and unwanted penalty for behaviour and it will only be considered in cases where there is a compelling reason to use it and where all other alternatives have been exhausted.

Transgressions by adults will also be challenged and, if necessary, also dealt with using the means at our disposal.