My name is Anita Schultschik and I have been teaching in Passmores alone for 11 years now. Prior to this I taught in Hertford and Burnt Mill as well as completing my initial teacher training in Switzerland prior to moving to the UK. Due to my teaching experience and specialism in a core subject (science) I wanted to take on the most important year group in our school: year 11. I will be able to help student with GCSE maths as well as with GCSE French too ( I have A-levels in maths and French myself). Most important for me though is the emotional development of youngsters in this crucial stage of their education, their organisation, their resilience. I truly look forward to working alongside Miss Edwards due to her expertise in all things English as well as her energy and genuine care for our students. But most of all I fully support the idea of moving year 11 into single year form groups as I feel that this will boost their academic development just as much as their personal growth. You can either contact me over the phone in the science office or via email.

My name is Danielle Edwards and I have been at Passmores since April 2016. I have been part of Lion house since I arrived and loved being the tutor to L5 before taking on the new challenge of a year 11 form this year.I believe that the new structure for year 11 will make it easier for students to revise and fulfil their full potential. Already we have seen students using form time to revise, complete work and have discussions around their future. As an English teacher it has been great to see so many students engaging in their English work but also having conversations with students around other subjects and learning new things at the same time as them!

It is our goal, as a form tutor, to ensure that all of our students are happy and that they are ready for their next steps. Please do get in touch if there is anything we can help with.







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