Medical Information

The school's main medical contact is Mrs Angela Turner who can be contacted by phoning the school on 01279 770800. When Mrs Turner is not in school, responsibility for medical supervision will be undertaken by other trained staff including Mrs Janet Page and Mrs Samantha Samuels.

When students are unwell during the school day they will ask their teacher for permission to go and see Mrs Turner and in all appropriate circumstances will be given the teacher's green corridor pass to go to her in her office in the green corridor. Mrs Turner will make an assessment of the student and decide on what course of action to follow.  This will range from simply sending the young person back to their lesson having noted the conversation, to issuing pre-agreed and supplied medication, to placing the child in a quiet place to be monitored (the monitoring will differ depending on the situation), to contacting parents / carers in order for further clarification and possibly to arrange for the young person to be collected.  If a student is unwell at the start of the day we will attempt not to phone home until break in order to support your decision to send the young person into school.

There are occasions when the assessments that Mrs Turner will make will not necessarily agree with the young person's assessment of their own medical condition. However clearly there are times when the occasional young person may consider their state of wellbeing to be rather more problematic than either we as a school or you as a parent may consider to be the case. In these circumstances we would expect the young person to return to their lesson and continue with their day. More often than not this will actually occur after Mrs Turner, or another suitable member of staff,  has contacted parents / carers about their child's wellbeing and a joint decision has been made that the young person can continue with their school day.

If you have any questions at any time about medical matters please contact Mrs Turner using the details at the top of this page.

We would also like to draw your attention to a few things in relation to medical matters that sometimes cause confusion and problems:

  • Students should not carry any medication around with them except for asthma inhalers, diabetic medication or epipens.
  • All medication that students bring into school must be handed to Mrs Turner for safe keeping. Unfortunately the risk of students losing medication and it being left in classrooms or other place is too great.
  • Parents / carers should contact the school with any updated medical details about their children as soon as possible once they have been given this information
  • Students will only be issued with paracetamol if this has been provided by parents / carers in a named packet. The school does not keep supplies of paracetamol for students.

Whilst clearly the information on this page is not an exhaustive set of all the procedures and structures that are in place for medical matters, we hope it is useful in helping to keep your children healthy and safe in school.