School catering information

At the bottom of this page are the menus from our school catering service. They list the main food that is available to students, staff and visitors at Passmores.

All food and drink is purchased using a student's individual card which can be loaded with cash using one of the three machines located in the Heartspace. Students who are in receipt of Free School Meals have their £2.10 loaded on to the card each morning.

Food is served before school, at breaktime, lunchtime and after school.

Before school is a breakfast service including cereals, toast, fruit and juice. A traditional English Breakfast is served on a Friday.

Breaktime food is snack based such as sandwiches / rolls, pizza slices, garlic bread and flapjacks.

Lunchtime sees the choice of a hot meal, soup or sandwiches / rolls.

After school service is hot drinks, cold drinks, flapjacks and fruit.

Special items are prepared on different dates throughout the year. All hot food is freshly prepared on the same day, as are sandwiches.

Breakfast Club

Bacon Rolls 65p

Sausage in a roll 60p

Toast 10p

Hot Drinks 35p

Various cold drinks 45p - 95p

Cereal Boxes 50p

Friday Only - Full english breakfast 35p Bacon & 30p every item

Sandwich Bar

Baguettes Various Fillings 85p

Baguettes with special filings £1.00

Small rolls with various fillings 55p

Wraps with various fillings £1.00


Large Water 65p

Small Water 45p

Fruits Drinks 95p

Aqua juice 500ml 95p

Cola fruit drinks 65p

Irn Bru drinks 65p

Tropicana 85p

Hot Drinks 35p


Orange, Apple, Pineapple and milk 200ml 55p

Milk shake cartons various flavours 200ml 55p

Smoothies various flavours 185ml 60p


Baked crisps various flavours 65p

Mini Cheddars 65p

Fresh fruit bags variuos flavours 55p

Fresh fruit 35p


Various cakes 55p - £1

Break Time

Garlic Bread 40p

Cheesy Garlic Bread 50p

Bacon in a roll 65p

Sausage in a roll 60p

Cheese and Onion Finger 50p

Slice of Cheese & Toato Pizza 80p

Slice of Ham & Pineapple Pizza 80p

Lunch Time

Main Meal £2.10

Panini various flavours £1.20

Chicken Burgers £1.00

Veggie Burgers £1.00

Beef Burgers £1.00

Cheese Burgers £1.10

Jacket Potato + 1 filling £1.25     extra Fillings 25p each

Small salad pot 55p

Large Salad Pot £1.20

Small pasta pot 50p

Large Pasta Pot £1.20

Soup + Roll £1.00


*All our rolls are fresh from a bakers, along with all of our meat used in all of our rolls & dinners comes fresh from a butchers.