Policies and documents


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation which replaces the 1995 Data Protection Directive. It determines how people's personal data is processed and kept safe, and also affects the legal rights of individuals with regards to their own data. 

The lawful basis on which we use this information

The PCLC holds the legal right to collect and use personal data relating to pupils and their families, and we may also receive information about them from their previous school, Local Authority and/or Department for Education (DfE).  We collect and use personal data in order to meet legal requirements and legitimate interests set out in the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018.

Generally, we collect and use personal information where:

  • you have given consent
  • you have entered into a contract with us
  • it’s necessary to perform our statutory duties
  • it’s necessary to protect someone in an emergency
  • it’s required by law (e.g Education Act 1996)
  • It’s necessary for legal cases
  • It’s necessary for archiving, research or statistical purposes

Whilst the majority of the personal data you provide to the Trust is mandatory, some is provided on a voluntary basis.  When collecting data, the school will inform you of whether you are required to provide this data or if your consent is needed.  Where consent is required, the school will provide you with specific and explicit information with regards to the reasons the data is being collected and how the data will be used.

To ensure we remain compliant with data protection law, we have updated a number of our policies and procedures and added some new ones. These include the Data Subject Access Request policy and Data Subject Access Request form, which you would need to complete when requesting copies of your own, or your child’s personal data. The form can be accessed and printed from the Data Subject Access Request link below. 

We’ve also devised a privacy notice for parents, students, and staff to ensure the procedures of our data collection and processing activities are transparent and demonstrate how we respect the data protection rights of individuals. These documents can be accessed from the links below. 

If you wish to discuss any element of the General Data Protection Regulation or would like advice, please contact emailgdpr@pclc.co.uk. This email address is monitored by the Data Protection Officer, Tina Sparrow.  For general information about the GDPR please go to: https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/.