PCLC Advisory Board

Vic Goddard (Principal of Passmores Academy, CEO of PCLC, and Trust Director)

Paul Beashel (Chair of Trust Board)

Neil Lawson (Vice-chair of Trust Board)

Tim West (Potter Street Academy Headteacher)

Chris Kirk (Potter Street Academy LGB Chair of Governors)

Emma Bloomfield (Purford Green Headteacher)

Chris Brown (Purford Green LGB Chair of Governors)

Frank Woods (Purford Green LGB, finance)

Stuart Alderson (Finance)

Clive Souter (Passmores LGB, H&S)

Passmores Staff/PCLC Advisory board only:

Natalie Christie (Vice-Principal)

Alan Simpson (Premises Manager)

Tina Sparrow (PCLC Head of Administration)

The Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests for Advisory Board members can be found by accessing the link below: