Hello and welcome to U10

 My name is Claire Friedner and I am proud to be the form tutor to this fantastic group of young people; I encourage all of the students in U10 to get involved in the life of Passmores but to also fully support Unicorn House. Whether it's participating in a House sports competition, writing a poem for the House poetry competition or performing in House music. There are so many exciting events to get involved in I can guarantee there is something on offer for everyone!

As a form tutor, I believe coming together in tutor time is an important part of the day; It's an opportunity to listen and support each other, and encourage mutual respect and friendships. It is also a great opportunity to discuss current affairs, academic achievements, and encourage reading and good study skills.


Outside of school I enjoy family life, the values of friendship and hope my values will extend to the students in my tutor group; I am looking forward to helping all of the students in U10 strive for their own academic successes as well as working together as part of a team in the Unicorn house. I expect all my tutees to contribute to making Unicorn House the winning house!


Please feel free to contact me on the school phone or using my school email address as I am more than happy to discuss any queries or concerns. Alternatively, you can contact me at the school by using the comment section in your child's planner.I look forward to meeting you this academic year.

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