To all students and parents of U8, I am your form tutor. My name is Sarah Wright and I am also a teacher of Science at Passmores Academy. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the school at Passmores and I strongly believe that you get out of school life what you put in. I find the role of being a form tutor to be a very rewarding one. I strongly believe in fostering positive relationships with all students within my tutor group and I encourage my students to develop such relationships with each other too. 

I hope that as parents you will work with me in supporting your son / daughter to ensure that they have the correct equipment each day, that the correct uniform is worn every day and that your son / daughter regularly attends school. I also feel that it is important to make the most of every opportunity that Passmores has on offer, by getting involved in the many House activities taking place throughout the year or by participating in an extra-curricular club. All of these will help your son / daughter to earn Passmores points plus various other rewards. So far this year U8 is doing well in the house competition and we are regularly at in the top 3 of the Unicorn tutor groups for the most Passmores Points. I wish your son / daughter every happiness and success at Passmores. 

As your child’s form tutor I am your first point of contact should you have any questions or problems you wish to discuss, please don’t feel that there is any issue too small. If you do need to contact me I have access to my e-mail all day or please call me at the school.



House Points