Hi – my name is Dawn Moore and I am the tutor of Unicorn 7.

I have been teaching since 2002 and trained as a Primary teacher.  I started at Passmores in 2007 and I teach the Key Stage 3 nurture groups for English, Maths and Science where I use my background to give their Literacy and Numeracy skills an intense boost.  I am the Head of Foundation Learning and one of the Leaders of Project Learning. I am also one of the team of five Pedagogy Leaders that work with staff on professional development at Passmores. Along with Neil Gladwin, I am one of the Leaders of Project Learning within Key Stage 3.

I have four children of my own with ages ranging from 22 to 29 years.  I really enjoy my role as a tutor and like to foster a family atmosphere where mutual trust and respect are extremely important.  I also like to have a lot of fun and enjoy laughing with my tutees.

 As tutor I will be helping my group to be organised for their school day and making sure they have all the relevant information they need about up and coming events.  We have a group discussion every Monday morning based on Thought for the Week and Word of the Week.  I will also be guiding them through a range of mentoring activities with a buddy.

I am extremely enthusiastic about being part of Unicorn House and will be encouraging everyone in my tutor group to participate in as many house activities as they can – it’s the taking part that matters!  Then we will see the Passmores Points really mount up!

I am always here if there are any queries or problems and like my tutees to know they can come to talk to me about anything at any time.  If parents need to get in touch, they can ring the school and leave a message for me to call back as soon as I am free or email me.

I look forward to seeing you all soon at one of the school’s many fun social events.