I am excited to be starting the role of U6 form tutor. Being new to Unicorn house, after 4 years in the school, I am looking forward to getting to know U6. The form will work together closely to support our house as much as we can. This includes everything from 100% participation in competitions to simply turning up in the correct uniform and with the correct equipment every day. I hope that all the parents and carers feel that they too are part of the unicorn family and would love to see them getting involved with the house competitions.

My role as U6 form tutor is to help and support my form. I want students to feel comfortable to talk to me about anything. I also endeavour to build their confidence to deal with any hurdles along their journey here, with or without my help.

Parents and carers please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns. My email address is to the right of this page. I will always try to reply within 24hrs.

I will do everything I can for U6 and Unicorn house. I can guarantee that I will be participating in every house event that I can. I hope that you will all do the same.

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