My name is Michaela Midwinter and I teach English. This is my sixth year working at Passmores Academy in the English department and I am also an ex-student, so I have a very strong attachment to this wonderful school- it’s my home. I was also in the amazing Lion House when I was a student, so I am very dedicated to Lion House!

I am a Harlow girl, born and raised, so I am delighted to be working with the young people from my hometown. This is my third year of being L9’s form tutor. L9 is a bright, excitable and engaging tutor group. Getting involved in all activities and supporting each other is an essential part of being a Lion.

I hope my tutees are as excited for the oncoming year as I am. I am dedicated to each and every student in my form group and I will strive to make sure that everyone is happy, learning and succeeding to the best of their ability, if not better.

I am available to all parents and carers at all times. Please contact me with any queries or concerns- I am always more than happy to discuss any needs.


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