My name is John McGee and I joined Passmores in July 2013. I left the Emerald Isle on my pilgrimage to spread the gospel of MFL and now have found a resting place in Harlow. I feel enormously proud and privileged to work at this school both with the fantastic staff and the extraordinary students we have.

I am located in L102, upstairs Lion corridor in the languages department in between some noisy men and women.

I’m privileged to be part of the highly successful Lion house. I believe that we have the best mix of students who are the driving force behind the house’s success. All of the Lion team, staff and students, always pull together to put forward their best, and that is why we will win the house competition this year.

Please contact me should you have any worries or concerns (and hopefully positive feedback) regarding your child. I am here for you and endeavour to do all I can to support you and your child. I hope I make a difference and that I contribute positively to you and your child’s experience of secondary school education.

House Points